Two cidermakers. One cider.

A long time ago, in a cidery far, far away, two guys named Jeff and John talked about opening a new kind of cidery. They imagined one where old world methods could meet Northwest fun. They created a small cidery named Hawksong.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the galaxy, Chip and Stefan were also talking about a new cidery. They imagined a place where wild-fermented juices would age for months or years to create magical natural elixirs. They created a small cidery called Gorge Cider House.

One day, worlds collided, and these two small cideries met each other over a glass of cider (well, honestly, it was a beer at Volcanic Bottle Shoppe, but don't tell anyone that). Both were searching for bigger spaces, and they decided that they would work well together, had complementary interests, and could share a bigger space to make their individual ciders.

One thing led to another and what started as a cooperation turned into a collaboration, and that turned into a company. Within a few months, the two cideries were closed down and a new one created. 

Slopeswell Cider is cooperation incarnate. Two cidermakers bringing their individual loves of creating great ciders, creating a variety and complexity not available anywhere else.